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Anal bleeding in pregnancy

Pregnancy bleeding, or anal bleeding, is usually a bleeding of anal fissures.

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An anal fissure is a small tear in the tissue that lines the anal. It is quite common to see bright red blood after bowel movement during pregnancies and after birth, usually when passing hard stools.

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Blood in the stool due to anal fissures can cause a burning sensation anal a bowel movement. Rectal bleeding mostly occurs due to anal fissures in the body. Pregnant women are often prone to constipationdue to which they pass hard stools.

This can strain the rectum during bowel movements. Pregnancy high-dosage vitamin medications can also cause bleeding and irregular bowel movements in women.

Rectal Bleeding During Pregnancy

A lack of fibre in the diet can sometimes trigger problems with bowel movement, increasing chances of rectal bleeding.

A physical examination is done to treat rectal bleeding flogging nude women diagnose its origins. Low blood pressure and elevated heartbeat are major indicators of high-volume blood loss due to rectal bleeding, warranting emergency medical treatment.

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