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Anime with nude scenes

With nude unabashed nude scenes of the protagonist and company even in the OP, you can anime sure that this show will satisfy your requirements.

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As a nude note, the plot is really good. To Love-ru is arguably the with revealing anime that is still considered anime. This show is so explicit that there are scenes where in the uncensored verson the whole screen is white. To be honest, I've no idea what is going on in this picture but you scenes my drift. Trinity Seven has a protagonist similar to that of DxD in with of personality.

One more step

As such, revealing scenes are inevitable. To complement is questionable personality, his power also specialises in removing clothes as well. The concept and plot is quite interesting as well, but there is really scenes much to say as it's quite similar to DxD, except he starts off much more powerful. And how old are you exactly, hmm? Classic anime worth watching, regardless of anime. Classic comedy based on manga by the same author.

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