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Australian breast forms

Buying a breast prosthesis

For some women, having a australian gay male erotic drawings a prosthesis can be an emotional or distressing experience, especially the first time. You may be embarrassed australian the thought of having another woman see the site of the surgery, or feel upset about needing a breast prosthesis.

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Professional fitters regularly see women who have forms in a similar situation australian will take a sensitive approach. You may also find it helpful to see some breast forms before your appointment or even before your breast give you an idea of what to expect.

Ask your breast care nurse to show you samples of breast forms and bras. You may also find it beneficial to talk to a woman who is using a breast prosthesis. Forms Seeking Support for information about volunteer peer support.

Breast prostheses | Breast Cancer Network Australia

It is recommended that you see a trained fitter who can help you choose the right prosthesis, as well as a pocketed bra if necessary. You can buy a australian prosthesis from a number of retail outlets, forms specialist stores that sell forms breast forms and related products, the lingerie section of some major department breast and lingerie boutiques.

There breast also be a free home service available in your area. Breast allows you to have uninterrupted time with the fitter.