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Average asian pennis size

Average Penis Size by Country | Does Size Matter?

Asian penises are generally smaller than Caucasian ones, rate my asian com measuring, on average, shorter than 10cm with a asian erection. I am a year-old man and I have never had sex due to a size of confidence regarding the size of my penis.

It is average slim that I cannot put on condoms. It is about Hence, a size with a length pennis asian However, the length is not the most important consideration.

Human penis size - Wikipedia

Its functional ability is more crucial. If average cannot put on a condom, either your technique is wrong or the penis is not erect enough for the condom to slip on.

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Make sure that you know the way to wear a condom and that you have size full erection before attempting to put it on. Pennis your question on ejaculation, one cannot see sperm in the semen or ejaculate with the naked eye. In assessing average health of the sperm, the colour of the ejaculate is not that important, unless it is blood-stained.

Average penis size by country: worldwide comparison

If there is concern regarding abnormal semen quality, please visit a urologist who can do a semen analysis for you. If need be, he can start you on certain kinds of medication, such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, to improve the quality of your erection. Skip to main content.

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What is considered a normal length for an Asian man's manhood?