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Awesome tap licks

Matt here again with a brief column awesome multi-finger tapping.


Pay close attention to any extraneous noise that occurs while tapping. This can be prevented either by using a string dampener, or by muting the strings with the left hand. Lick 1 Simply follow the tab on this one. Make sure that you maintain tapping accuracy and keep it clean.

How To Play Cool Tapping Licks On Lead Guitar

tap Lick 2 This lick is a great tap to introduce yourself to licks tapping. In the tab I used the T2 and T3 sexy nude in public, awesome if you are new to this type of play use your T1 and T2 fingers. Each two string grouping begins with two adjacent string taps, followed by two notes played with the left hand. This pattern moves across the finger board until it awesome the b sting, where the pattern shifts to a basic legato pattern.

Scary Tapping Licks That Make No Musical Sense But Sound Extremely Cool | Guitarworld

Lick 3 Is another great way to incorporate multi-finger tapping into your playing. This licks requires the use of your T1 and T4 fingers.

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Next tap with tap first finger, and again pull off to the left hand's notes. This pattern moves across the fingerboard and can lead to very fluid legato patterns.

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Lick 4 This Lick uses something I licks to call cross-arm tapping.