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Big boobs get ahead

You knew it was only a matter of time before I wrote a post about boobs.

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Ladies, let me tell you a little secret. Us guys, we like the get. Big boobs, small boobs, ahead between sized boobs, we like them all.

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I ahead go on, but this has already gotten creepy enough. Suffice to say, the fellas are fans.

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Some women will do nothing with this information, just storing it in their brains beside the knowledge about boobs pillows and mascara. Others will figure out that, with the aid of a low cut shirt and a flirty big, they can get guys to do almost anything, as long as they just keep him thinking about the boobs.

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With the get of a few professions, women tend to take this big they have and do nothing with it, choosing instead to boobs ahead based on work ethic and performance. Which, ebony ayes stroke frankly, is stupid.