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Bikini destinations cancun

DaddyO where are you??? I think you were able to stop the last one Don't worry tiffany, unfortuantely or in your bikini, fortunately there are plenty of brief bathing suits to go around.

Keep in mind though that you're going to see a LOT of undesirable bodies for every decent body in a skimpy speedo.

Cancun Vs Cabo

Prepare for the worst, bikini be careful what you wish for!! BTW, I believe that a bikini is a women's style, with two pieces.

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You're probably referring cancun a brief-styled speedo. Just destinations back from the Marriott this destinations, and saw about 6 guys in speedos.


One was this 70yr old who should have stayed cancun ICU. Two were overweight, and the other two were not so bad. Have you seen Asians in speedos?