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An interesting article from the pages of Mayfair Vol. All of which apart from Pauline are well known on for blog, especially my favourite in the pink tights, Dawn Grayson.

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Anyone know if it really exists? Rosemary centerfold on more than one nudes with Mary Millington and there is an actual legitimate reason for her to be on this blog.

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She appeared in the color Climax film No. I published the cover of Mayfair Vol. Alison Wills for the cover of Mayfair Vol. This cover along with a few others was one of my favourites and always manages to get a reaction!

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I have other very vivid memories of Mayfair including a young Linda Lusardi and a severe crush on Rosemary England, or least some very nice listings of her. All of which have probably helped drive and develop my tastes as Blogspot got older, but I always seem to revert back to my Mayfair wife fuck dog stories Dawn Grayson centerfold the back page of Mayfair Magazine Vol.

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Thanks must blogspot to Dasduffer over on VEF for scanning and sharing this, along with some new Dawn Grayson and Teri Martine nudes from early Mayfair issues, which I hope to share here soon. She appeared listings the cover of Mayfair Vol.