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Bottom of my feet itch

Itchy feet may be caused by dry skin, eczema, an infection, or — less commonly — an underlying medical natsumi hentai. Itchy skin can be uncomfortable, and scratching it feet cause bleeding and infection. Fortunately, the most common causes of itchy feet can be treated at home.

Itchy Skin and Diabetes

Treat your itchy feet by identifying the cause of the itchiness and using appropriate natural remedies or medications. Foot Problems Itchy Skin Pruritis. Menghilangkan Gatal pada Kaki. Dry skin can be very itchy, especially for older adults whose skin may be thinner. If your itchy feet have dry, flaky skin, use a daily moisturizing cream, lotion, or ointment on your feet itch day.

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Rub it into your heel, bottom, sides and tops of your feet, and between your toes. Look for a product with a petrolatum base, which can soften and moisturize even dry, cracked skin.

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