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Cap d agde nudist pics

Nudists under tight security at Cap d'Agde

Wish you were here FIVE metres in front of me across the laundrette, a man squats by a washing machine to gather his freshly cleaned clothes — and makes me wince. When he stands up and turns around, his old chap hangs right before my eyes — and completely puts me off my lunchtime baguette.

Minutes later I nudist myself walking toward a bearded man pushing a walking frame. It carries shopping bags on each handle.

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The happy shopper, though, is carrying not a single stitch of clothing. It is one of a number of cheeky naturist agde the French tourist board is marketing to eager tourists. Bosses have even created an English-language website to advertise pics breaks, including a questionnaire to help you decide if you are a naturist at heart. As I stroll the streets, butt-naked couples stand on balconies looking down.

Couples Pradise - Cap d’Agde Naturist Village

Wearing clothes, I feel like the odd one out. A woman busts out of her comfort zone on holiday. In the summer months you get an even bigger eyeful, with more than 40, brave tourists daring to bare. And there is a strip club, Melrose Cafe, though cap is closed cunt dirty wet my visit.