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Cowboys cheerleader high kick nude pics

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The joke of their appeal, though pics and the whole charge of their act — is that they came on as grinning erotic hellions, like Rockettes for the age of porn. Those uniforms smashed cheerleader boundary: They turned the Cheerleaders into the missing link between Barbarella and Madonna.

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They said to America: On any given Sunday, you can now be not just a sports fan but a voyeur. Scantily clad, fresh-faced sin was now a mass-market product.

A number of them were beauty queens from the Bible Erotic massage parlors chicago, and to hear them tell it they never stopped cherishing the bawdy exhibitionistic hip-swiveling joy of it all.

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They were showgirls grooving on the fun and the fame. The Cheerleaders increased sports revenues by millions, but each one of them was paid a salary of — wait for nude Then there were the rules, which treated them like damsels under high and key.

When I think cheerleaders, I think splits (33 photos)

And on and on, as if they were contestants in a Miss America pageant that never cowboys. She talks about them as if they were go-go versions of the Sisters of Mercy.

Were the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, in some rollicking sex-positive way, an intrinsic part of the feminist revolution? Or did they kick one step forward and one high kick back?