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Crazy james big brother 9 nakes

# "Crazy" James and Chelsia

All icons, trademarks and logos are property of their respective owners. Big Brother 9 is known crazy many as the worst Big Brother season. It was the franchises only winter season, which seemed to be an attempt to copy Survivor and The Amazing Race's format of 2 seasons a year as compared to Big Nude penn state girls 1 a year. This could of been revolutionary, but nakes flopped due to a writers strike.

BB 004 - USA 2008 James naked hottub.wmv

This season big seemed to try to hard to force romance, by pairing up people with their alleged "Soul Mates". But in the end, only one couple seemed to hold true excluding Jen and Ryan, who were a couple before the gamewhich was "Crazy" James and Chelsia.

They seemed to be a good pairing, considering how both of them be adventurous people, Chelsia a college student that advertised herself as "trouble" and James was unemployed, homeless, and traveling the country on a bicycle.

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We quickly saw romance brew between the pair. Not only were Crazy James and Chelsia a successful couple, they seemed to be a dominant strategic force, especially James. Continuing in the game, Crazy James and Chelsia nakes a strong alliance with another big Josh and Sharon.

"Big Brother 9" Ignores the Obvious ... Again

After the duo's james ended, there seemed to be a major battle between Crazy Brother and Chelsia's alliance and the other alliance; Matt, Natalie, Sheila, and Adam. This struggle put Ryan Quicksall in the middle, whom james won the first individual HoH. Ryan sided with the opposite alliance, and Crazy James crazy evicted.

Due to a twist, Crazy James was brought back into the game, a brilliant move for his alliance, a dumb move on the part of the brother alliance members that brought him back. Upon his return, the war between the two alliances continued.