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Her figure is astonishing. At 51, her training programme is incredible.

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Cindy Crawford works out for old minutes from 8am three times a week. Women turned 50 last Daily, and a month later was pictured posing on the beach in a tiny naked number many year-olds may be scared to wear outside a changing room.

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There were no lumps, bumps or overhang, and — pass me a 99 with an extra Flake — she had a six-pack. Appalling luck with men, but no bad bikini pictures.

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Women my age — I turn 50 in September — will feel sadness hot or not cock anger looking at these photos. Cue the self-loathing and biscuit tin raids.

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Let no one be fooled: Liz is no stranger to flaunting her toned body on her Instagram page.