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Epiphone les paul ultra ii midnight ebony

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I love this guitar. It has several things going for it. First it ultra an Epiphone and I have always had good luck with ebony products in midnight of quality, sound and value.


Epiphone it is beautiful. I got the Cherry Sunburst and love the looks with the quilt top ringed in red. Third it has a unique and beautiful sound with the nanomag. It can give a rich, acoustic style sound or blend with the normal bridge and neck pickups for unique variations. The only thing I found and have read on other reviews is paul due les the double output jack arrangement, the jack plate is much longer and not supported in the middle.

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If someone jerks around on the cable it could damage the plate and I would strongly recommend always holding the plate on each side of the jack when pulling the plug out to take the stress of the jack plate. Great guitar for the Money!! Super light and easy to play!