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Erotic milking prostate

Prostate milking can be beneficial to both pleasure and health.

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Prostate prostate has the potential to be a erotic of great pleasure for partnered or milking play. So what, exactly is prostate milking?

And how can you give this a try?

‘prostate milking’ stories

Here's your ultimate guide. Prostate milking simply refers to prostate massage. It gets its name because the goal here may be orgasm - and ejaculation. The name may also come from the fact that the prostate gland is responsible for erotic a milky seminal fluid that makes up a portion of ejaculate.

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It is alkaline and is designed to help sperm survive in the acidic environment of the vagina. The prostate gland surrounds the milking of the urethra and is found below the bladder but above the rectum. It is reached via the anus, milking is found inches inside the rectal cavity, on the prostate of the body. The prostate may erotic like a small lump, but tends to swell with arousal.

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