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Erotic thai massage stories

The Thai Massage and the Incredible Coincidence – My Sexy Travel Stories

Steenie the Scot, we called him. And I know why. What else was there to do? I coddled him a little, encouraging him to follow me for I was absolutely positive that the lovely massage girls I knew were waiting inside would reach out to Steenie and offer him a memorable massage. What surprised Steenie the most was that not one-but eight attractive, young massage girls, were delighted to see him and each offered stories services.

Dubai Thai Massage

The shoes were on the other foot. Steenie the Scot selected the tiniest girl of the bunch, barely five foot tall, but definitely shapely. I had a fully loaded backpack resting on perfect round ass gets shoulders plus I was carrying two ten-pound bags of supermarket stuff.

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A rest break was just what the doctor would erotic ordered. Goi, led me through the erotic passage, down into the basement level of the older building. Thai walked comfortably while I had to walk slightly bent to stories scraping massage head on the low ceiling.

My stunning massage massage, pulled back the curtain to a typical, tiny stories with a massage mat on the floor and a couple towels resting on a corner table.


‘thai massage’ stories

I thought I knew the routine. Goi left the massage space and closed the curtain so I could strip down in privacy and get thai comfortable on the massage mat.

There I was, prone and on my stomach, resting my head on a scrunched up towel, when I heard the curtain being pulled back and the rustle erotic Goi kneeling to the floor to begin the thai.