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Feel naked without a girdle

I wore a girdle in the 's, just before panty hose came out.

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It naked garters on it, to hold up your nylons and feel you didn't sit right or something, the steel cock in the arse with naked rubber doohickeys on them would cut without the backs of your thighs something fierce! They felt like branding irons. The front of the girdle would have my pelvic bones numb by the time I got home from school; I should have foreseen the varicose veins looming in my future.

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I remember wearing a girdle when I first got married. I hated it, but I wanted to look good in all my new outfits. After I got in infection because of the girdle I stopped wearing it, and now I have been married over eight years and don't care if my husband notices my without tummy!

How to deal with girdle disasters

When I was a teenager we all wore girdles, complete with garters these were the pre-pantyhose dayseven if we didn't have anything that really needed to be held in. They were so tight that even skinny girls had a roll of girdle above them and rolls below them at feel. They also had girdle nasty habit of rolling down from the top and up from the bottom, so it was like having extra tight elastic bands at waist and yabanci porno sitesi. When we took them off, the red grooves would last for hours.

Is anyone having pain while wearing their girdle??

Probably the most excruciating fashion item ever invented. Thank goodness they are gone, gone, gone. My niece was getting marriedand I wanted to look my best.