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We had been talking about having a MFM experience for quite some time in some away from home city, perhaps abroad. Our goal is for my wife self bondage literotica have her ultimate sexual experience as you know things "dry up" after more than a decade of same person time routine.

We actually came upon an old friend recently divorced and someone we were both very comfortable cuckold.

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Our staged Stories actually cuckold over several glasses of merlot and a good meal time by a visit to a handful of local pubs. We headed back to his place joking the entire way about all things sex.

Our guards were all down and I asked my wife if she would consider a MFM with our friend.

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At first she nodded no Fast forward as we were massaging her and slowly taking off her skirt to give her a massage our hands began cover her body. We stopped first and asked is this ok for first of us and we all smiled. I wanted to see where things went without me so I stepped out to get some water.

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As I returned he was kissing her thighs as he massaged her. I sat and watched until she asked me to join in again. I did and finally I started pushing the effort by removing her bra and stories down on her panties while slowly glancing her pussy. She moaned as we took turns touch her pussy, rubbing and feeling the juices build up.