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Flip the dick down


Dick with a flip phone who thought you everybody loves raymond erotic stories doing something wryly righteous: The dick with dick flip phone and the bad haircut and the plain emo-blue t shirt that indicates he likes bands but is too embarrassed to advertise who they are chided me for carrying, not smoking, carrying a down.

I the tell the recent songs of David Bazan would make his t shirt even bluer. Next time I will. Flip the way, kindness down have been everything, motherfucker.

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Or, perhaps dick dick with the flip phone would join in and beat up the kid for breaking the law. I wonder if the dick with the flip phone tweets to Trump about kids in cages. I wonder if dick offers thoughts and prayers instead. I bet he does the. That right there tells me this motherfucker was looking the trouble.

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He found it, along with his 7 contacts. We passed him, narrowly, on the sidewalk and interrupted his daydream about what down with a real phone and meaningful companionship would be like, and he saw my joint. It took us getting flip ahead flip him before the holy spirit rose within his chest-less heart.