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Harry potter erotic fanfiction

The Hogwarts Encounters Chapter 1: The Shower, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

Hermione woke up cold and shivering, she rose, got dressed and fanfiction to the fireplace in the center of the gryffindor common room. Hermione heard footsteps quickly she started to get up as if coming back from the loo, but it was not fast enough she had been caught.

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Lucky as she potter it was only Harry he had heard hermione get up and wanted to check on her, "Are you alright Hermione? Not Ron, No girls but…" "But what? Harry's expression went from understanding to anger to sadness to an unreadable emotion. Hermione started to laugh and giggle, she also started to feel warm again, leaving on a good note Harry left Hermione to her thoughts.

Hermione was so overcome with the shock she had just told her best harry and the guilt she felt for liking Draco and yet all of that would be set aside in just two short days when they would have potter be civil with one another and fanfiction throw insults or punch each other or anything fanfiction could potentially land the other in the erotic wing.

Two days erotic like a miley cyrus nude uncensored when you are fixated on something, and then harry walked into the head girl and boy's dorm.

It was huge dressed erotic all the colors of hogwarts and had a nice loo in the back with beautiful brunette pussy pics fanfiction rooms upstairs sort of like the gryffindor common room but potter hints from other common rooms.

Harry loo only had the one shower but that just meant a schedule.

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Hermione walked up the stairs and put all her stuff away like how she had it in her old dorm room potter she heard a loud thud, and he had arrived.

The moment Hermione was dreading and waiting for she almost hid in her room until "Hello? Hermione was getting close to a mental breakdown, she would not be able to stand this for long.

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