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Home sperm motility test

However, a fertility test for men does not provide in-depth sperm analysis or diagnose infertility. Only a urologist or fertility specialist can do that.

10 Things You Need To Know Before You Test Your Sperm Count

Why take a male fertility test at home? Here are two at-home sperm test kits to consider: The SpermCheck Home sperm test shown above tests for two types of male fertility problems. It can confirm the presence or absence of sperm the absence of sperm is azoospermia — test it represents a bit street fighter chun li hentai an obstacle to getting pregnant!

And, this home male fertility test also gives an indication of sperm concentration and count Oligospermia.

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It can help you determine if sperm count is too low — especially if you know how to analyze sperm count. This home fertility test includes a system that stains the cells in a sperm sample. They turn a certain color.

'World's first' home sperm test kit claims to measure sperm quality AND count

This test also allows you to determine if you have sperm, and if your sperm home are low or normal. Many motility fertility problems can be treated by eating the right sperm some motility increase sperm counttest health changes, and taking the right vitamin supplements, or undergoing certain medical procedures.

The best way to find out if low sperm count is the cause of your inability to get pregnant is to take a sperm test!