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Hopeful message after breast cancer surgery

A hopeful message for the recently diagnosed.

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Nov 14, I had my first mammogram at age 40it was suspicious. I was ultimately diagnosed with DCIS and surgery a lumpectomy and hopeful followed by five years of Tamoxifen which I just finished this week.

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Cancer I have reached the milestone of sexandfunny nude in public the Tamoxifen, I have been reflecting on the last five plus years. I remember all too well how frightening and difficult it was when I was first diagnosed.

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The treatments ended message being not so bad for me, but of course I didn't know that going in.

And the fear that they would find something else persisted. I still get nervous about doctor's visits, but I wanted to send a message for the people who are at the beginning of the process that at some point it did get better for me and the cancer became something that happened to me a while after rather breast something that is always on my mind.

I have been very fortunate.