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How to stop dog from peeing on car wheels

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How to stop dog urinating on my tyres? Is there any thing I can buy to spray on my tyres that will drives them away? It's getting very annoying There are prparations you can get from a garden shop designed o keep them off plants.

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Maybe an ammonia base like Handy Andy or Jenola but these probably wont last too long before you would need to do it again. You can buy some spray stuff squerty bottle thing from the super market but I hear ammonia or vinegar work just as good. Doesnt ammonia attract them?

How do i stop my dog from peeing on my car tyres?

Pepper or chilli would be the one as suggested, dont get it in your eyes tho. It's whats in pee Pet Shops and Vets sell this stuff - forget the name - Pet Repellent of some name You would need to re-apply, especially after driving through the wet. The stuff you are thinking of is Skunk shot http: You can protect your garden by placing slices of wet ass chronicle or lemons throughout the flowerbed.