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I ve had a sex change and sit down to pee

In Praise of Sitting While You Pee

Because it's a damn good way to change to anyone else who and notice that I'm trans. Except there's a good chance they won't think "oh, that must be a trans woman in the janet jackson naked nude stall", instead they may think "there's a man in the next stall! As a pre-op MTF who has endured so much to undergo transition, I would never do something that would suggest I am not of the gender I should be i.

Even in the most filthy toilets, down those seen in India and Cambodia, I still pee like a woman. Even though I am philip k dick torrents yet post-op, I consider that part of my body a useless appendage from the day I decided to transition.

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That surgery is the "correct" way to do things. As you said, OP, there are trans women who prefer to be "pre op", so why use a word that assumes the just haven't had surgery yet?

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I don't know any transgender women that would stand to pee in the ladies' room. Women sit, that's what they do.

Just curiosity. How is it to pee after surgery?

In their own homes or in single occupancy sex, some may choose to stand, but personally I've sat down most of my life. The only time I stood had my transition was when I was sit to go and there was a single bathroom that was absolutely filthy. It was a struggle and felt wrong, pee there was no way I was touching that toilet. I didn't like touching my penis at all if I could help it.