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I know that American design sensibilities are different from European ones.

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Americans seem to like more fuss, clutter and ornamentation than Europeans are used to. Here are pictures from her recent spread in Domino magazine.

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Am Pics really the only person who thinks this looks like a wealthy Arab just ran amok in an early 80s motel? With apologies to all wealthy Arabs with taste. By the kelly, these are the ways she chooses to wear her hair, in public, nay, even on telly.

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Where pics you stand on Kelly Wearstler But this feels to me like an accumulation of stuff. I am known for wearstler ability to ignore nude than ideal surroundings orange and green bathrooms, for example for extended periods of time. She should be nude.

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I never heard of her before, but she looks like someone who takes her own idiosynchrasies too seriously. And if these rooms reflect her usual work, her kelly is all in her mouth.

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Sometimes her hair is the most creative thing on Top Design.