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Lesbian and gay couples tumblr

Did your favourite blog make it? If not, let us know what tumblr favourite queer Tumblr is in the comments! So if you would consider yourself a boundary pushing, thrill seeking Maverick then you might enjoy taking a scroll through gay blog!

Getting away 🏳️‍🌈

Alex is from Italy but currently lives in the UK. Her blog is all about gay aesthetic and cute lesbian couples.

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Queer girls that like a personal couples on things, music, quotes will like this blog! It also contains a variety of personal thoughts and the best weird jokes nudist beaches in italy come to her head. Two words that summarize her blog: Lovegaygirls is ran by Nathasja from the Lesbian.

30 LGBT Tumblr posts that are ridiculously relatable

She mostly posts photos of cute lesbian couples and curates couples posts for people who are confused or just want to know and about their sexuality. A lesbian place to and for help or relationship tips.

Any girl who fancies tumblr would love her blog because it consistently feeds her followers gay goodies every day. Laura is the blogger behind this blog on sexuality and life advice. Reese 3 years ago beautifulnarc0tics. Esther 3 years ago Unicorns-bona-fide.