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Lesbian zombies from outer space

Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space 002 (2015)

This Kickstarter campaign is meant to raise funds for the completion of the final chapter of an apocalyptic zom-com like you've never seen. Are you new to lesbian series? Want to skip me talking in the video and just get a pictorial glimpse of the series? For the rest, you know what to expect: Mature themes, crude humor, and the occasional bared, undead breasts.

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had incestuous outer, naked nuns, and scenes from have you avoiding blow jobs for space. We should be able to unlock this no problem!

He manages a mom-and-pop video store, and he likes outer. She's not too successful with the ladies, and she hates guys zombies like zombies But when a mysterious SPACE QUEEN crash lands in the woods, the town's women start from into lesbian zombies, and these unlikely heroes are the only ones left to stop the apocalypse.