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Lindy fralin vintage jazz review

Growliest Jazz Pickups I've tried so far.... (Lindy Fralin Review)

Growliest Jazz Pickups I've tried so far Lindy 9, 1. I just wanted to write a vintage review of these pickups.

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I haven't had the chance to try them yet. So I'm on this swinger clubs austin tx kick, right They have alot of character in the low mids, which I find to be, yes Sorta jazz raw, loose, rusty type of tone. Lindy Fralin 4 String Jazz Bass Pickup Set: Musical Instruments

Lindy winds these using a "hand wound simulator process". I don't know why I kept going back review forth, but I guess just to reassure myself.

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You might even remember me doing this from a couple of threads a little while ago. I like the Fralins the best, hands down.

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A little loose on the bottom end when comparred to the others. Their attack level isn't quite as quick as the others but thats why they are the "King of Vintage", right?

They don't a very tight bottom when compared to fralin others either, and they are not quite as bright.

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Their bottom is like I said earlier, somewhat loose