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I have decided to offer to my readers a brief guide to erotic erotic, from the point of view of an editor and photographer.

This is clearly a guide where all advices and opinions expressed are inspired by personal experience, it is not clearly neither a Bible nor something that works for all erotic photographers.

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Post originally published on Fluffer magazine in Italian language and on my erotic erotic blog An Erotic Photographer. Erotic photography is sex done photographers a camera.

Let's get to know each other...

The book approach is not erotic photography. And this is the most obvious problem for many people tending to confuse the two things. If you want to do modeling photos for your book, let me know and I will make you my price for the books because I need to be payed for this.

Erotic photography is another thing.

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So leave your List Crawford poses at home before coming to my studio if we have to do erotic photos. I avoid models that charge for Erotic Photography.

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I do not list them and mont tremblant strip clubs not think I will ever use them photographers it comes to erotic photography. We all want to gain, and is a right thing, but let me say that putting money in front of eroticism simply does not work.

Worse still put the condition: My models work for projects.

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Model Mayhem, much better than Facebook.