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The other day I walked into my gym, and as I usually do, I headed to the bathroom to put my stuff into a locker. I smacked straight into a woman. A fully naked nude.

Is gym locker room nudity too much? | Gym etiquette |

I was a women taken aback, and she waltzed off without a care in the world. She sauntered through women locker room women about her business as comfortable as if she were nude home. I get the need to take off clothes, shower, and do what locker need to after a gym nude pics in mirror. To the women who room room, I totally applaud you for embracing your bodies and being so comfortable with what the good lord gave you.

But is it absolutely necessary to bend over and touch your toes to stretch while not wearing an ounce of clothing? Do you really need to stand and straighten your hair in the buff?

Women in the locker room expose their bodies

Or maybe I need to adjust my locker of thinking — should one think of a gym bathroom as their own where you can do as you would at home? Where you have the freedom to roam around naked if you so choose? I understand that some people have the confidence to walk around in the nude but I am a prude and I would never walk around nude.

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That is part of the reason why I am not a gym member as I hate the idea of open change rooms and in high school I used to change in locker toilets rather than the change rooms when we had PE classes.