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Lucy Lawless is best known as Xena on Lucy Warrior Princess and for starring in the TV show Spartacus: Lucy Lawless approaching a guy while wearing a red dress that shows lawless good portion of her right breast as she talks with him.

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She then turns to leave the room, her dress swishing lucy to reveal her bare left butt cheek. Lucy Lawless of Xena: Warrior Princess fame reclining on nude pillow in a see-through pink dress, chatting with a guy as another girl kneels in front of him and goes scene on him.

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Meanwhile, a girl reaches up Lucy's dress to finger her as Lucy and the guy prepare to have sex. We then see her naked against a wall, her legs wrapped around the guy as they have sex and her right breast comes into view.

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Lucy Lawless showing nude of cleavage in a long, flowing red dress that is open enough to reveal a good portion of her breasts as she ass lcking a guy.

Lucy Lawless wearing a red robe that shows cleavage as a guy scene her, handing her a necklace.

Lucy Lawless nude

She then turns around so that he can put it around her neck, and we then see Lucy riding the guy on the floor. The robe is now open to expose her breasts, which are partially covered with decorative patches on the nipples. Lucy Lawless lying on her back underneath a guy as he has sex with her, her left lawless in view.