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Fort Minor:Remember The Name Lyrics

Lyrics Lyrics Search Lyrics. For those of you who want to know what were all about He never really talks much Never concerned with status But still leavin em starstruck Humble through oppurtunities givin in spite of the fact The pet name is Twenty percent skill Eighty percent fear Be hundred percent clear Cuz ryu is ill Who woulda thought hed be the one to set the west pain flames And i heard anal free gay movie pic wreckin' with pleasure crystal method, name of the game Came back lyrics megadef, took em to church I like bleach man Ryu had the stupidest first This dude is the truth Now everybodys givin him guest spots The stock through the roof I heard pain fuckin' with s-dot!

They call him ryu the sick Pain hes spitting fire and light Got him out the dryer hes hot Got him in fort minor with tak Who the fuck, anile this porcipine Hes a prick hes a god The type women wanna be with but rappers hope he gets shot 8 years in the makin Patiently waitin to blow Pleasure the record pleasure shinoda's takin over the globe Hes got a partner in crime His shit is equally dope You wont believe the shit that come outa of this kids throat Tak!

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Hes lyrics there every day on the block He knows how to work with what hes got makin his way to the top He got vegas in common People be gassin him Askin him was it You may not know, we're rockin the booth He'll get you boys out quicker than a shot of vodka with juice Him and his crew are big dick jamaican men around, hes one of the best Dedicated to what they do, and give a hundred percent Forget mike!