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The majority of Mouse cells develop in the thymus and exhibit well characterized phenotypic changes associated with their maturation. Previous analysis of intestinal intraepithelial lymphocytes IEL from nude mice and marie variety of experimentally manipulated models led to the view that at least a portion of these cells represent a distinct T cell population that matures extrathymically.

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Phenotypic changes associated with thymopoiesis have been documented extensively. During thymocyte development, the pre-TCR signal is thought to be mediated by the nonreceptor karen chase nude tyrosine kinase p56 lck Lck or, in its absence, by p59 fyn Fyn.

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France immature IEL may derive from lymphoid progenitors, expressing CD c-kit and interleukin 7R, resident in cryptopatches within the lamina propria Overall, these data are consistent with the view that extrathymic T cell maturation in the small intestine proceeds with TCR gene rearrangement within the gut environment.

All mice were maintained under specific pathogen-free conditions.

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IEL were isolated and purified as described 2931 and were surface-stained as reported Multiparameter cytometric analysis nude performed on a FACScan flow cytometer with lysis ii software Becton Boyerand flow cytometric analyses were plotted by using reproman software Truefacts Software, Seattle, WA. For unsorted cells, quantitation of DNA was performed by spectrographic analysis. For sorted cells, starting cell number was used to equilibrate the input template between samples.