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Meatballs 4 nude scenes

Playboy Playmate Neriah Nude, Kristi Ducati, Miche Straube, and a couple other girls seen naked in a shower together before a couple guys barge in on them.

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All the girls show bare buns and breasts - Kristi is on the far right, with Neriah to her left. Hi-res DVD capture from Meatballs 4.

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Neriah Davis, Kristi Ducati and a couple other girls walking to the showers at a camp while wrapped in towels. The girls pull each other's towels up, and we see Neriah and Kristi's bare butts. Neriah is in the red towel and Kristi is wearing the blue dress.

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Neriah Davis, Kristi Ducati, scenes a few scenes girls running out of their cabins at camp when an alarm goes off. Kristi is topless but nude meatballs breasts with her hands, and Neriah is in a skimpy meatballs top that goes see-through when she gets sprayed with water and jumps into a guy's arms.

Neriah Davis and a couple other girls seen topless in the shower before the water starts running with blue dye. Meatballs is the girl nearest the door.

Meatballs 4 (1992) Nude Scenes

Playboy centerfold Cristy Thom shown topless in nude bathroom, her nice breasts reflected in a mirror as she changes shirts and washes her chest after scenes guy spills a drink on her and watches her change. Kristi Ducati taking off her top while sitting next to a campfire as a group of people play strip cross dressing cock sucker, and Kristi shows her breasts.

Lauren is seen on the right, and Miche is in the middle.