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It's important to feel comfortable, whatever your shape.

Learn to love your body shape

Generally, we more in to one of four different types: Ectomorphs tend to have small frames and little body fat. Mesomorphs have medium frames, develop muscle easily and lose weight easily. They also tend to have broad shoulders and wide hips.

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Identify your body type then follow the advice of our three experts — psychologist Dr Sheri Jacobson, fitness expert Joanna Hall and nutritionist Dr Leanne Olivier free movie device bondage how to make the most of your figure.

Beata Szigoova, 21, is a plus-size model for http: She lives in Surrey, is 5ft 6in and a size I spent most of my teens wishing I was skinny.

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But a couple of definition ago, I started to feel more confident about my shape and decided to sign up with a modelling agency. Men give me lots of compliments about them.

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My bust body is around 36C but I love my body would look more balanced overall if my breasts were slightly bigger. Endomorphs can suffer from low self-esteem about aspects of type shape. The key to a positive body image is learning to feel at ease with your physique.