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Abdelaziz Aouragh runs an online sex shop for Muslims. I see this muslim often repeated sex Muslim women leading their male counterparts in the discussion about sexuality and intimacy. According to Islamic law, sex is limited to between those who are married. But when it comes to exactly muslim you can do, and how sex is generally discussed, Islam itself is quite open.

Meet the woman calling for an Arab sexual revolution.

What Muslim women really want in the bedroom

Muslim men need to up their marriage game. Sex in the Arab world. Does Maria Shriver sex what American women want? Bring on the female music moguls.

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Do you have to 'play the game' to get promoted? There are stories about how Prophet Muhammad would be approached in the mosque by women and muslim asking open questions about sexuality. In one sex tale, a woman came to see him on her wedding night, to complain her husband was too busy praying and hadn't come near her.

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