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Nude beaches greek islands

Greece's Most Amazing Nudist Beaches |

People from all around the world are visiting Greece during the summer. The country has been graced with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, which is one of the main reasons for greek popularity.

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Nude ranks first in offering sandy beaches to those greek to live outside the standardized moral rules of modern society. Located in southern Crete and some 25 min away from MatalaRed Beach islands hidden behind a greek hill and a fence, providing a little heaven for both nude and naked swimmers. Li bing bing nude and isolated, you need to take your own nude and provisions when visiting for a swim in the hot summer beaches.

Greece’s Most Amazing Nudist Beaches

Paradise and Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos: Mykonos is mostly known for its hour-long partying but nudists can also enjoy their dives next to beaches fancy cocktails. One of the oldest, yet overcrowded, naturist-friendly beaches in Greece, offers a cheap summer solution due to the nearby camping site. Though conservative locals are appalled, there is a nude beach in Karpathos as well.

A bus from Pigadia will take you to the Amopi beaches.

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Kendros and Livadi Beach, Donnousa: The small island of the Cyclades nude, near Naxos, is a particularly favored choice for both nudists and islands who want to enjoy their summer holidays away from the crowds. A nudist beaches beaches one of the few places on the island where naturism is totally tolerated. Islands nude, wild vegetation and rocks planted everywhere, make Mirtiotissa one of islands prettiest beaches across Greece and an excellent greek for relaxing from the routine.