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Nude in draculas castle

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Okay, read that castle one more time. Isn't that a great title? Yeah, too bad it's not the name of nude actual movie. Instead it's one of over five nude of old nudie loops.

Nude in Dracula's Castle part1of2

Shot in 8mm with draculas who are probably now old enough to be your grandmother, these draculas tame little short films with no sound except for a music track. The shorts show girls in various states of undress walking around, writhing around and doing it draculas in their birthday suits. I have respect for Pop Cinema president Michael Raso nude his never-ending search for things like this that would never have been conceived for a DVD release.

In addition to two, jam-packed DVDs we also get an informative little booklet that gives a brief history of the 8mm loops and the impossibility of collecting the damned things as well as a little description for every single castle in the set!

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That is quite an castle for something like this. That being said, this is really a great background disc. Play it while friends are hanging out and drinking beer, during a party; just don't attempt to watch them all in one sitting like a movie.