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Nude life drawing model

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It was me and a whole pile bangkok sex trade other women — old, young, big, small, talkative, disabled. Drawing when some of them started model go in I followed. The artists were now starting to be let in the room and I was still standing life wearing my backpack like a big dork.

Naked ambition: Why do people become nude life models?

It was totally graceless. I was actually so concerned that, for the first time in ten years, I tried to grow my pubic hair back. Weeks before the event I had stopped waxing, plucking and epilating.

I just let it grow… let it grow… let it blossom… let it flow.

I experienced the curious life of a naked life drawing model

What was once a nice healthy bush of fire is now a transparent speckle of weeds. Some life gal drew me from the exact same angle as per above, but added a few kilos to make me look like a swollen lymph node.

And would you believe she signed nude and gave it drawing me as a gift?

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Straight to the trophy room innit. Comfort is for Wimps Comfort is for Wimps. Guess it just goes to show that beauty is in the eye of model beholder! The comfort zone is where the boring people nude out.