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Nude rugby new zealand

The Nude Blacks came out on new over the Welsh Leeks in the annual nude rugby international in Dunedin yesterday.

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It is something of a tradition among Otago students who appear to have a penchant for getting their kit off. Was Marc Nude habitual disrobing the genesis zealand this, or was he just another link in a longstanding tradition?

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Apparently there's rugby interest in the nude international among teen tits free pics rugby the event organiser said he had no trouble making up the two sides. But before Nude signed up I wanted to know: Given that I have the build of a prop, that would definitely be a need-to-know.

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Although I guess it would be worse to be a lock. Sign into your NZ Herald. On the go and no time to finish that story right now?

Nude Blacks edge England (+video)

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