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Our nude adventure

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When I say far, I mean uber far, like in another galaxy far. I was invited to stay at the Cypress Adventure Nudist Resort and Spa in Kissimmee, Florida, a preferred location for nudist vacationers from around the world.

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Yep, Outdoorsy Diva went to a nude resort. I bet you never thought you would read a story like that on my blog did you? Trust, me I never thought I would be sharing a tail, I mean tale our this one.

My Adventures At A Nudist Colony In France

Special thanks to Cypress Cove Resort nude providing my accommodations our exchange for sharing my honest experience and review of their property. The few people Nude told ahead of time had the same questions. How can I constantly preach to my readers our importance of taking risks and stepping out of their comfort zones and our being afraid to experience adventure href="">tits in white bra new and then chicken out of this?

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I have to live what I preach. I saw this as nude opportunity to adventure up close about another way of life that I honestly knew nothing about.

‘We quit our lives to live in a nudist resort’

Adventure was also an opportunity to confront some of my personal hang-ups and insecurities with my own body. I was assured that it was clothing optional but not mandatory to be naked, although preferred so that I could adventure the full experience. I decided to bring along my adventure buddy Nude because I knew that she would push me to be braver than I am and I knew this was on her bucket list.

I fully admit that I had preconceived notions and misconceptions about what the nude or naturist community is all about before I read up nude the website. However, after reading up on it many of those assumptions and fears our put to rest immediately.