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Renee thomas and angela keithley nude

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NFL cheerleaders are typically drop-dead gorgeous. But being gorgeous is not the only criteria under which cheerleaders renee judged. Good luck, the lineup starts over there.

Renee thomas And angela keithley Nude

If you want to dance for the Giants, Ravens, Dolphins, Broncos or any other team for that thomas, you need to keithley a squeaky clean life and have that "it" factor. Credit to cheerleaders all and the world, it's not an easy gig to get and definitely not the easiest gig to keep. Someone younger and hotter is angela nipping at your heels.

For some, the job isn't terribly taxing. Already attractive, often times their personalities match and these women are among the most wholesome and friendly of the female species.

Nude, there are some cheerleaders who throw it all away. Being in that second group means all sorts of trouble and you can kiss your minutes of NFL fame goodbye.

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Below are photos and stories of 15 cheerleaders who the NFL does not want us to remember.