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Russe nude

Oil on canvas, Collection of the artist's family. Private russe, UK The nude figure was an integral part of Alexei Kravchenko's creative work for more than twenty years.

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Having chosen this motif for nude creative framework, the artist experimented with colour, texture and composition nude the duration of his life.

Of particular interest in this regard are Kravchenko's works of the late s and early s, when the quest for a style of his own in nude torrents of the 20th century avant-garde led the artist to create a whole cycle of large nudes, with the common theme of sleep running through them. One of the first russe works was the present composition, Reclining Nude, painted in In devising the composition of his nude, Kravchenko is seeking new ways of portraying the interaction between the figure and space, between the figurative expression of a human and an interior.

Though nude had under his belt classical training sexy mother son video clips the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture; experience of russe in the studios russe V.

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Levitan prize and high praise from I. Repin, Kravchenko still comes through in this work not as a follower of the Moscow school of painting, but rather russe an nude artist who is part of the culture of contemporary European art.

In Reclining Nude the influence can also nude felt of Kravchenko's experience training at Simon Hollosy's school in Munich, and his personal stylistic inclinations of this time.