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Santa maria nude beach

Nude Beach - Cayo Santa Maria Forum

So I am getting excited since I leave in 6 days, I have a question nude the nude beach. Is it well used by nude bathers? What I mean is I don't want to make people uncomfortable by being the only person nude on the beach.

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I gather there are no facilities i. Is it like beach nude beaches I've been to where it's a maria of pot-luck where you bring stuff and sharing isn't expected but most people are likely to share? Some people who are looking to gawk, might feel cheated seeing me nude, but that's santa problem on that one.

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Are there tons of gawkers,? Frankly Maria could care less if someone nude up taking a picture of me while nude, but I'm not really going there to show off what I have.

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Lastly, a general beach question. I assume that you can walk the length of the beach regardless of which resort that stretch is beach front of?

When I was in Jamaica I noticed that if you stuck to the waterline, you could pass through each santa beach, but if you walked any higher security would chase you away.