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Sex toys and aids

I have not been able to sex, I even went to the E.

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I used someone else's vibrator anally and I'm not sure if it was infected with HIV. But you can never be sure.

Sexual Routes Of Transmission

This toy was in a plastic grocery bag and in a drawer. Before I used it, I vaguely cleaned it once with hand sanitizer and then hot tap water and soap.

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Like I said, the sex were not used in the last 4 hours, maybe even days or toys. When I used the toy, I old pussy women pictures I had a cut in my anus -So even though and virus was aids, did that cut increase my chances of getting the STI?

The AIDS Vancouver Online Helpline

You are at no risk of having acquired HIV toys this event. The cleaning you did sounds actually quite thorough and there is no way there would be virus lurking on the toy anyway.

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So, no worries there. To answer your hypotheticals, yes, sex toys can transmit HIV when used immediately, especially aids fresh blood or semen is coating the toy and it is inserted into the vagina or anus. Even so, this seems to be a pretty rare way of transmitting HIV. If you have or suspect you may have a medical, mental health, legal or other problem that requires advice, consult your and caregiver, attorney or other qualified professional.