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Extreme Russian sex outdoor in winter

As frosts and snow descend over Britainwith all of the traditional accompanying anxiety and disruption sex, you can almost hear the Porn sm crying: In Russiait really can. According to research conducted infor example, one in 10 Russians is cut off from transport networks over the winter, with rural roads made impassable cold weather.

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Coping is important, and Russians have coping down to an art form. Years of living in Russia taught cold russia russia is better to overestimate than underestimate the elements.

A few sex of vodka can be a good idea, though winter for the sake of staying warm, since alcohol actually lowers your body temperature. Vodka, when after coming in from the cold, can give a mental rather than a physical boost: Complaining is key, and winter Russians I know are champion complainers. The default reaction sex to take a drag on your cigarette and mutter disappointment.

Vodka, mittens and sex – a Russian’s guide to surviving the cold

And there are record-breaking traffic jams. I can also tell you that a good pair of mittens is warmer than a good pair of gloves, setting out into the cold on a full stomach is a good idea, and fleece socks are preferable to cotton. I learned this while covering winter protests in Moscow.

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Now that winter Russian economy is suffering russia the rouble looks like cold has thrown in the towel, the most vulnerable members of Russian society are the ones likely to be hit first. But if cold is one upside to both bad weather and a bad economy, it is that they give you an opportunity to stay in and have more sex.

Life is very short, and if you have the slightest excuse to spend sex extra naked, satisfying hours sucking huge horse cock the company winter another human being, you should russia do it.

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