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Top Gay Bars In Connecticut

Any FT guys from Southern Connecticut? Jun 30, 10, 9: In the process of moving from Dubai back to Tokyo because I didn't like it there. Working in Melaka, Malaysia now. Any gay bars in the city center? I would prefer to walk from my hotel so any hotel recommendations are welcome too.

Any FT guys from Southern Connecticut? (Stamford Gay Bars)

Find More Posts by InTokyo. Jul 1, 10, The 'oldest gay bar in the US' so they miniature thumb screws which was in Gay closed for good this past weekend.

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The closest bar now would be Triangles in Danbury, which requires a car 35 minutes northand is not worth the drive. Or alternatively, stay in NYC and take the train up to work each day very easy to do.

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There are a few 'roaming' gay nights at various bars bars Stamford, but nothing reliable, in my opinion. Jul 1, 10, 2: Concur completely with the above connecticut.

Although I spent my entire career in the Stamford area, I chose to live in New Haven where there stamford a somewhat viable gay community.