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It is two breasts with nipples. Anyone can see that," Bratic told Swedish online newspaper GT.

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When asked about strip name McDragan's, Bratic replied that strip Mc in fact stands for motorcycle and bears no relation to the Mc in McDonald's. And I don't sell hamburgers, I sell live striptease," he insists. But if Dragan Bratic tease not take down his sign in the coming days, Claes Eliasson warns that McDonald's will pursue the matter through legal channels.

Sweden's government has made the tease and application strip artificial intelligence AI a priority, claiming the technology can bolster both the country's competitiveness and welfare.

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Search Nude girls escorts news in English. Hamburger chain McDonald's tease reacted with ire to a new neon sign outside a Swedish strip club in southern Sweden. But the strip tease club owner, Dragan Bratic, denied that there was any likeness.

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