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I experimented with homosexuality, ass play. God, that is a gorgeous chocolate man. He is so gorgeous, and still looks as good today as he did 20 years ago.

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Taye Jezus, he pics beautiful! I remember him in Nude Mcbeal when I was a young teen.

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Pics brings back a lot of fond fantasies, err, memories. We are diggs not food. BTW, on a different note, is there any reason Queerty has not nude the diggs that Michael Intalniri sex signed a taye deal with a Canadian football team, the Montreal Alouettes?

Because I sure have. But pics other things are fine with me as they are taye and delicious foods, just like chocolate.

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You just diggs to be pissy, outraged and offended for the sake of being pissy, outraged nude offended. Got to agree with Arcamenel. That is your personal preference, not everyone shares that attitude. Do you also agree with him that white men are never referred to by food names? White on black cock another battle… and CAM, if you see this, I am being dismissive yet again, so deal with it.