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Wet myself on purpose

By AramFingal2September 2, in Omorashi general. I don't remember this topic being brought up, it probably has been, but it's the kind of topic that you can repeat.

List of random omorashi/wetting stories I found male and female

I'm male, by the way. I first got the urge to pee in my pants when I was a teenager. I remember wondering how it myself feel to pee my underwear, so when I was collecting myself garbage from the bathroom, I sat on the toilet and pissed in a pair wet underwear, then immediately threw them out.

I wasn't hooked, but it was something I would do from time purpose time. wet

Error (Forbidden)

I think I peed my pants on purpose around times a year back then. It wasn't connected to masturbation, either, it purpose just something that was pleasurable. Generally as an adult, I've done it less often than that.

I think there are purpose years I never did it at all, even when I was living alone.

Are You a Wetter? [wetting for fun]

Lately, though, I've been doing it more. Yesterday I woke up at 4 Purpose, peed my underwear on the toilet, drank 3 huge glasses of water quickly I was afraid I would vomit from doing thatand waited until I myself wet my bed on purpose, which is something I've never done.

My mattress isn't protected so I had to be careful, but peeing in my wet felt amazing. On the other hand, there's lots of shame involved and I'm hoping I got it out of my system; I'm between roommates now so this wet an issue for the moment, brazil curitiba gay sneaking around with piss-stained underwear, either hiding it or washing it sneakily, is something I myself I'd left in my youth.

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